Jenice Ramirez

Executive Director

Jenice began working with ISLA in July of 2013. She has more than 7 years of experience in the public education system and the non-profit sector. Her passion for education and social change began when she was a high school student. She began to work at a tutoring center for kids with autism and followed this passion to University of North Carolina in Greensboro. Throughout college, Jenice worked with various community organizations to develop a list of resources for Latino/Hispanic families and kids with different capacities. She continued this project at the high school where she worked  as a special education teacher from 2010 to 2013. She carries her passion for education and ISLA's mission in her heart.

Lady Johana Cuervo

Program Director

Lady Johana Cuervo has been involved with ISLA since its beginnings in 2012. With family roots in Colombia and Mexico and younger siblings attending ISLA’s heritage language classes, Lady was in the first group of older students in the secundaria classes. Her motivation and enthusiasm for helping kids learn and retain bilingual skills led to her role as Athletic Coordinator of Fútbol ISLA, which has grown in support and interest under her leadership. Through the ISLA Activado project, Lady promotes healthy eating and exercise for children and families. She is in her third year at Durham Technical Community College, and as a result of her work with ISLA recently changed her career path from nursing to social work.     

Pavelid Castañeda

Curriculum Specialist

Pavelid Castañeda emigrated from Colombia in 1992, and has been dedicated to education since 1975. In Colombia, he studied Music, and Education of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Pavelid is a vocational teacher who enjoys using music and popular traditions in Spanish education.