ISLA Impacta: Civic Engagement

Leadership *  Collaboration *  Entrepreneurship *  Financial Literacy *  Project Management


ISLA Impacta is a civic engagement project for middle school students, providing hands-on training in leadership, collaboration, financial literacy, project management and presentation. Launched in 2017, this initiative empowers Hispanic/Latino students to make a meaningful impact in local communities through student-led projects.


Within the ISLA Saturdays heritage language program for Pre-K to 8th graders, our team of educators identified a need to offer older students new levels of responsibility and engagement within and beyond the classroom. Civic engagement training prepares preteens and young teens to assume mature roles in the ISLA Saturdays program, at school, at home and in local communities. Significantly, it builds self-esteem for young Spanish speakers transitioning from internally and externally-perceived roles of newcomers and outsiders, to valued roles as leaders and role models for younger students.


By engaging Hispanic/Latino youth in meaningful work to benefit local communities, ISLA Impacta builds bridges to wider social and professional circles for Spanish-speaking students while expanding bilingual skills and community resources. 


Thank you to the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation for grant funding for ISLA Impacta.