ISLA Activado: Health & Wellness

Healthy Eating * Physical Activity * Nutrition 

ISLA Activado is an initiative promoting healthy eating and exercise as key to health, wellness and academic success. The project serves Hispanic/Latin American children and families enrolled in ISLA Saturdays heritage language program, increasing students' access to a variety of fresh produce each weekend. Throughout the school year, ISLA Activado offers fun, hands-on activities for kids and parents including cooking projects, new recipes, smoothie tastings, introducing fresh, local ingredients  to prepare healthier Hispanic/Latin American food, art projects and storytelling about making snacks with fresh fruits and vegetables at home. As a result of ISLA Activado, parents report choosing healthier snacks for their children.


The project addresses high levels of food scarcity, food insecurity and obesity among Hispanic/Latino children in North Carolina. ISLA Activado teaches students and parents about the value of nutrition and exercise, fostering lifelong healthy eating habits and offering outdoor learning for kids and exercise classes for adults, including camping, hiking, canoeing, soccer, Zumba, yoga, Latin cardio, and dance.


Thank you to Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina for contributing funding for ISLA Activado.