25% of all K-12 students in North Carolina are Hispanic or Latino

We're on a mission to serve our Hispanic and Latino youth by fostering a sense of pride and love for their cultural heritage. ISLA connects communities through a shared interest in the Spanish Language. 

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In the last eight years, ISLA has grown from 12 students to 185. As our students grow, our program grows and thanks to supporters like you, we are able to continue to build ISLA up!


"At first [when I came to ISLA] I was practicing Spanish and learning it because that was originally the idea: to learn Spanish. But at the end of the day, we're not just learning one thing, we're also enjoying other cultures, especially those of our classmates. "


"I found ISLA and liked it very much because I think it is important to share our culture with the community and inform the children and I think it's a very important program because Spanish is a language in the United States that is growing and it is very useful that they have that language and also that they know their culture. 


"Being at ISLA for me means culture and leadership. I don't want [my children] to lose their Spanish because it is important they maintain their culture and I think that the Spanish language is a large part of our culture."

How you help build ISLA up