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This summer doesn’t have to be boring! Get excited because we are “traveling” to Latin America this summer through an immersive language and cultural experience with ISLA! ISLA Verano is our in-person 6-week (June 21-July 30) COVID-safe outdoor exploration summer program for native and non-native Spanish-speaking students in the Chapel Hill-Durham area from kindergarten to grade 5. Each week, students will “travel” to a new country and participate in culturally engaging games and activities while being immersed in the Spanish language! In order, the countries students will learn about are Bolivia, Panamá, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Venezuela. We strongly believe exposure to different languages and cultures truly helps children gain an appreciation for diversity and for the world outside the confines of the U.S. Equipped with a global mindset, participants in ISLA Verano will be prepared to be global leaders!

Spanish language immersion and cultural/linguistic development are incredibly important for bilingual children and are at the core of ISLA Verano’s mission. An immersion research report from the University of Minnesota highlighted the proven positive relationship between thinking skills and being a bilingual person who actively maintains language usage. Furthermore, the report states that “fully proficient bilinguals outperform monolinguals in the areas of divergent thinking, pattern recognition, and problem-solving.” In a 2018 report, UNICEF explains how learning through play fosters the development of critical skills relating to intellectual, social, and emotional development. Active learning will be central to ISLA Verano, as we believe children learn best through fun, hands-on activities!

Unfortunately, with this shift to a virtual world, COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on students’ ability to develop critical skills and engage in active learning. Early child development researchers have proven that social interaction and establishing relationships with peers is at the cornerstone of child development. ISLA Verano seeks to be a solution to this challenge by offering an in-person, COVID-safe summer program that will allow children the opportunity to participate in hands-on cultural engagement games and activities all while interacting with other students.

ISLA Verano will run from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday from June 21st through July 30th. ISLA Verano will be held at Durham, NC 27704. Students can choose to travel with ISLA for all six weeks or as many weeks as they would like! Additionally, an aftercare program will also be available from 3:30-5:30 pm for students looking to extend their immersion experience. Each week of ISLA Verano costs $280, but there are various discounts if you choose to have your child participate in more than one week or if you choose to register multiple children. Aftercare costs $15 per child per day. As part of ISLA Verano, students will receive snacks, craft materials, and an ISLA T-shirt! Secure your spot today by paying the $50 non-refundable registration fee per child at[]=68812.

With regard to COVID-19, ISLA Verano will follow all CDC suggestions for youth and summer camps, including screening all staff and students before the program each morning for potential symptoms and high temperature, maintaining social distance when possible, and having all staff undergo COVID-19 training. Furthermore, all ISLA Verano staff will be vaccinated and wear masks throughout the duration of the program. We will not require students to wear masks when outdoor, active, and more than 6 ft apart. However, parents and students are required to wear a mask upon arrival to the program and at any points where social distance cannot be maintained. To see responses to more frequently asked questions, please visit

ISLA Verano is sure to be a fun and impactful experience for students, allowing them to immerse themselves in other cultures and the Spanish language while participating in engaging learning activities and interacting with peers. Your child won’t want to miss out! So, register today at[]=68812 and allow your child to travel through Latin America with ISLA this summer!